Smart Schwag?

I just read a nice article at Media Post that notes “Promotional items are tangible, handheld “commercials” that people take the trouble to fly home with, display, use, and share.” It also poses the question”Why isn’t there more smart schwag that induces a meaningful, lasting brand experience?”

Great observation and great question! Part of the answer is that not everyone uses ePromos, more after the jump…

At ePromos our goal isn’t just to sell quality promotional products, but to help companies and other organizations achieve their advertising and branding goals. The way I see it, there are two main components of a promotional product, the promotional part and the product part:PromotionalWhy do people buy and use promotional products that don’t take full advantage of the opportunity to promote a message or reinforce a brand proposition? You could also ask why so many TV, radio and print ads for small companies fail to achieve these objectives. One of the benefits of a promotional product is that it is a form of advertising that is relatively inexpensive and accessible to many businesses that don’t have the budget or resources to do other types of advertising or do them well.Unfortunately, most promotional products companies sell products, not a service. At ePromos we train all our sales reps to understand promotional marketing, learn about each customer, determine their ultimate goals, and use that information to create a promotion product that works, not just sell a product. For many of our small business customers, we are their promotional advertising agency. That’s why our Education Center features articles and case studies about branding and marketing, not just about products.ProductsOur clients who are ad agencies and large coporporations with well-defined marketing and branding goals may have a better understanding of the promotional aspect, but they aren’t necessarily product experts. Luckily, we are. The variety of promotional products is practically infinite, and while we have over 7,000 products on our site, we can also source from over 600,000 products and produce custom items ourselves. We don’t expect anyone to know as much as we do about products, even sophisticated marketers.For clients of all sizes, one of our biggest obstacles is to get people thinking beyond the products they know, like pens, mugs and bags, and discover less familiar products that may be more suited to their business objectives. It’s a tough habit to break, but our Account Executives are always happy to come up with unique product ideas. Our web site is also a unique promotional tool that we are continuously improving. For example, rather than search by product type, you can Start by looking at all our products, then filter by price or color rather than browsing down by product type. Looking for a $2 item that comes in red to use in your next campaign? You can, and if you click that link you’ll see that there are 354 of them on our site and most of them aren’t pens.I could go on. This blog, our site and our whole company exist to help people do more with promotional products. Why aren’t all promotional products as compelling as our favorite television ads? Well, we’re working on it, we just aren’t finished yet.

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