Super Bowl XLVI Poster Promo

On the brink of Super Bowl Sunday we bring you a smart campaign from one of the local retailers here in New York, where you can’t walk very far without hearing about the Giants.

How do you turn a newspaper advertisement into something that will last more than a day (if you’re lucky)? Make it collectible! Appliance and electronics retailer P.C. Richard & Son sponsored a “GO GIANTS!” full-page poster in the Daily News today. Fans get a free gift to hang on their walls, and P.C. Richard & Son gets a long-lasting advertisement. It’s a smart way to capitalize on a very time-sensitive opportunity, and it turns newspaper ads – usually not very memorable – into a tangible, impactful gift.

Luckily for anyone who uses promotional products, you don’t have to worry about the shelf life of your message. Promotional items have been shown in several studies to be much more memorable than traditional print advertising. So if you favor logo custom merchandise over newspaper and magazine ads, keep up the good work!

Go Giants!



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