Three Great Promotional Travel Gifts

Around this time of year, many of your employees or coworkers are probably taking off for a nice vacation. With your luck, you’re probably stuck just traveling for business. Either way, promotional travel products work great as gifts. Try giving nice custom travel items to employees heading on a business trip as a way of thanking them for their hard work. Here are three items our Promotional Specialists recommend.

promotional travel alarm clock1. Promotional Travel Alarm Clock

A must have for the avid traveler. Anyone who travels a lot for business knows how valuable these things are. Trying to figure out hotel room clocks are a pain, and there’s nothing worse than scheduling a wakeup call that never comes! Put the company’s name on this clock and give it to you best traveling sales people.



custom duffel bag2. Custom Duffel Bag

Airports used to be a fun and exciting experience. Now they’re just a pain in the neck. There’s no way to avoid a TSA worker’s unfriendly pat down, but you can make your life a little easier by avoiding checking luggage and sticking with a carryon. This custom duffel is sure to stay with you on your New York to Los Angeles flight while everyone else’s checked bags end up in Cleveland.


Promotional Travel Manicure Set3. Promotional Travel Manicure Set

This is a great promotional product that anyone can use. A simple set that contains nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, and a file is something both men and women will carry around. When you give this promotional gift to employees, remind them to put it in their checked bags and not a carryon. You don’t want your staff to miss an important meeting because they were detained by airport security for a couple hours!

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