Vendable Compressed T-Shirts

The recent launch of Google Patent Search just made one of my favorite pastimes, looking at patents, a lot easier. This invention is a compressed t-shirt that is made in the size/shape of an item being vended from a machine, so it could be used in the machine. It even includes the amount of change necessary to get an actual soda if you were lucky enough to get a shirt. Keep an eye out for future posts from the vaults of the US patent office! vendable-compress-t patent

From the abstract: “A promotional item for being dispensed in a vending machine that dispenses a product item having a product within a product container upon receipt of a predetermined payment amount. The promotional item includes a product container similar to the product container of the product item, and a compressed fabric article contained within the product container and having an exterior load bearing dimension substantially equal to an interior load bearing dimension of the container.”

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