Four Tips For A Knockout Logo Design

A logo is a visual representation of a business—it’s the very foundation of a company’s branding.

Through logos, companies are instantly recognized. Just think of the McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike swoosh. These logos are classic. Iconic. Powerful.

So if a brand has established such a dynamic logo, why would it ever change it?

For Microsoft, which is changing its logo for the first time in 25 years, the answer is simple: a desire to show newness.

Microsoft is unveiling its new logo at a time when it’s launching new or significantly updated versions of almost all its products. A new logo makes sense.


The new products will feature a fresh look and feel—much like Microsoft’s revamped logo. And for the first time, the company’s logo is designed with a symbol: a square formed by four multi-colored tiles. The colors in the squares—blue, green, orange and yellow—are meant to convey diversity of product offerings and customers.

On account of Microsoft rolling out a fresh, new look, we want to talk logo design.

A well-designed, attractive logo can help you claim a prime piece of real estate in your customers’ minds. Here are four tips to design a knockout logo.

  1. Be original. You should never try to mirror the logo of another company. Be distinctive and unique with your logo design—it helps differentiate your business from the rest, and it helps represent your company’s personality. 
  2. Keep it simple. A clean logo is a logo that gets remembered. Simplicity in logo design allows people to understand the logo and what your company is all about. Complicated logos only confuse your audience.
  3. Massage it. Don’t rush your logo design, and never finalize it on the first attempt. Great logos require great care and attention. Prepare several sketches and then analyze them with your team.
  4. Drop the tagline. Taglines have their place—just not mushed into a logo. Logos are often printed in various sizes, and if you try to shimmy in your entire tagline, it won’t fit properly. The result won’t be so attractive, so it’s best to leave the tagline out.

Promo know-how tip: If you have a spiffed-up logo, show it off with promotional products.

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