3 Sweet Benefits of Using Promotional Food Gifts


According to a survey conducted by Counselor Magazine, 61% of business gift buyers ranked custom food gifts as the #1 business gift for the holidays. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a delicious gift from a business contact, so what is it about these sweet items that makes them such enticing corporate gifts? Here are 3 solid benefits:


  1. Food gifts are universally loved! According to Nation’s Business Magazine, food gifts are the best business gifts for the holidays because they are something everyone can enjoy. Most business gift buyers know that it can be a struggle to find a gift that will make everyone happy. With food gifts, this is rarely an issue! They have a broad appeal and can satisfy audiences young and old, male or female. Everyone loves logo imprinted cookies.
  2. Corporate food gifts are affordable. According to American Express Small Business Services, 50% of business gifts that are purchased for the holidays are food gifts. This isn’t only because they are well-received, but because they don’t cost a fortune and have high perceived values. Some corporate food gifts can cost less than $2-3 each – an attractive price point that lets you thank or reward large audiences for less money. Plus, there are plenty of discounts and deals to be found around this time of the year as gift demand begins to skyrocket.
  3. Promotional food gifts can be easily customized. Forget picking up your food gifts at the grocery store, expensive bakeries, or online retailers. When you purchase your food gifts from your promotional products distributor, you have the option of customizing the gift’s packaging to represent your brand. Many food items include optional gift cards that can be personalized for each of your individual recipients. These gifts offer a lot of freedom to be creative, so take full advantage of these opportunities.

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