Four Things You Didn’t Know About Promotional Stress Balls

promotional stress ballsWhen stress creeps up on your customers, help them out: Hand out promotional stress balls. These palm-sized stress-busters imprinted with your logo can do wonders at relieving tension, which according to studies, is at an all-time high. Surprise, right?

There’s more stress in people’s lives than there was 25 years ago, according to research from Carnegie Mellon University. Stress jumped 18% for women and 24% for men from 1983 to 2009, with the highest stress levels reported among women, people with lower incomes and those with less education.

When left untreated, this stress can wreak havoc – from fueling cancer to raising the risk of heart attacks.

Why not set your customers on a peaceful path while you’re marketing to them? Custom logo stress balls are ideal for helping people de-compress and promoting your message. Here’s what you may not know about small but powerful promo stress balls:

1. They do actually relieve stress.

Stress relievers aren’t just colorful, cost-effective marketing tools. They do what they’re intended to do – for real. When people are stressed, their bodies tense up and they physically clench. Stress balls prompt them to squeeze and release the energy, bringing on immediate relaxation.

2. They’re not all the same.

You can choose from foam, latex, plastic, rubber, vinyl and more for your promo stress balls, and you can get your logo pad printed or screen printed. We have more than 400 options to fit any client, campaign or theme, and if you don’t see what you want, we’ll find it for you.

3. They engage the senses.

With a squeeze of your promotional stress relievers and a deep breath, customers can be relaxed or energized. Relief is only a whiff away with aromatherapy stress balls in scents such as citrus blast and fresh berries. These stress balls are commonly paired with promotional candles for the ultimate relaxation promo.

4. They’re multifunctional.

Stress relievers can serve more than one purpose. You can choose stress balls that are also cell phone holders, pens, whistles and keychains. The novelty factor makes them great conversation pieces, too.

Take customers to their happy place – give them custom imprinted stress relievers. They get the health benefits, and you get the increased brand exposure.

Promo know-how tip:

Most custom logo stress balls have a round imprint area, so don’t try to cram in too much. Keep it to your logo for a large, crisp imprint. Have questions? Just ask our expert Brand Consultants.

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