Holiday Cheer: Ghosts of Christmas Presents Past

Rumor has it that due to the tough economic times, Google won’t be sending out Christmas gifts to top Adsense users. Here’s a round-up of some previous gifts:

2007 – Google-branded Flip Videocamera.

2006 – Digital photo-frame.

2005 – USB travel kit.

2004 – Mood radio.

What about the Google mini-fridge, you ask? That was sent to advertisers to commemorate generating a million leads through Adwords.

google-mini fridge

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  1. Richard Smith

    Recently it seems as though corporations are becoming more and more creative with the promotional items they are distributing and the way they distribute them, with Google leading the pack. I recently received a small, battery-operated, zippered black case from Google, about the size of a digital camera case, that includes hook-up for your iPod, and streams the music through a speaker. I received it during an office visit, and although I haven’t done the research, I can’t imagine it would be price effective for promotional affairs that aren’t targeted to customers contributing to their bottom line. What I do know is that I’ve been telling all of my friends about it, which eventually leads to conversation about how forward-thinking and cool Google is… exactly what Google wanted.Another highly effective and more affordable item I’ve been seeing are tech device “skins”. These vinyl, adhesive-backed device coverings serve as protectors, and display custom graphics, images, logos, etc. I’ve seen them for everything from cell phones to laptops to mp3 players to gaming consoles. With the increase in advertising on television and the internet for these items, I expect to see continued growth in their sales. Although I’ve recognized them more for personal use, I’m waiting for corporations to catch on to the trend and start skinning all company-owned tech devices with their logo so that their promotional footprint is seen all over the world in meetings, at conferences, in airports, and other places outside just trade shows.Although the number of competitors in the industry for skins is increasing, I’ve got word that Unique Skins will soon become the IT site. I wouldn’t even be surprise if corporations begin creating flashy designs with their logo incorporated so that their fans will want to don the skin, too.