5 Reasons to Consider Food Gifts With a Keepsake (Any Time of the Year)

Everyone loves gourmet food gifts, no matter the time of year. We love them too, but we what makes us love them even more is when they include a gift that’s not perishable (we are in the branding business, after all).

These gourmet treats are packed in reusable totes and coolers, for a keepsake gift your clients will love.

From totes to coolers to crates, some of our favorite yummy treats are packaged with a bonus gift – something your recipients can keep long after the last cookie crumb vanishes. Not only will they love sinking their teeth into the contents, but they’ll walk away with an evergreen gift they can use over and over all year long – and that’s not just good for them, it’s good business for YOU. Here’s why…

#1. It’s Endless BrandingOur Cookie Crate

Yes, the cookies are amazing. And, yes, there are nine different flavors packed in a single crate. But, after they finish the last cookie in your Cookie Gift Crate, that wooden crate becomes a catch-all for their desk, upgraded inbox or, simply, a mail-drop by their front door. Regardless, every time they see this versatile crate, you’ll be top-of-mind.

#2. It Ties you to Convenience

Snacks, drinks or even office supplies get loaded into the tote left over from this Sweet & Savory Gourmet Gift Caddy Tote, and your logo, branding and message travels all over your customer’s office and beyond. It’s a quick way to remind your client base that you’re in-it-to-win-it with them 24/7 – and with multiple pockets and compartments, it’s easy to stay organized and on the move.

And before this caddy makes the rounds? This tote houses their favorite treats, including cookies, caramel popcorn, peanut crunch, hummus and crackers, fruit and nut mix, pretzels, caramels and more. Yes, please…

#3. It Shows off Your Creative Side

Our Meeting Gourmet Snack Custom Gift Tote

This Meeting Gourmet Snack Gift Tote is a total head-turner, with a unique shape that customers will want to show off long after they finish the popcorn, shortbread, apple chips, cookies and pretzels packed inside. Don’t be surprised if the tote finds its way onto your customers’ desks or becomes their new meeting carry-all. And when they’re asked where they got that super sleek, super chic tote? You’ll no doubt get kudos for the creativity.


#4. It Shows You’re Thinking of Them

Everyone loves snacks, especially during the holidays. And, going a step further, everyone will love the raspberry honey mustard dip, pretzel twists, lemon cookies, apple chips, cookies, popcorn and all of the other amazing picnic faves packed into this Picnic Treats Gift Lunch Cooler.

But the best part about this keepsake gourmet gift? When they’re done sharing and snacking, this tote becomes your clients’ new go-to lunch box. Because it doubles as a lunch or picnic cooler bag, they can pop their favorite lunchtime eats into this bag all year long. Not only will this bag be a constant reminder of your partnership, but your clients will know you’re always thinking of them – as will everyone who spots these bold branded totes in the break room fridge.

#5. It’s Such a Great Bag…

Our Gourmet Treats Custom Gift ToteEveryone loves – and needs – a great carry-all tote. Why not be the business that supplies it? That’s the power of this Gourmet Treats Gift Tote. As with our other holiday food packs, this one is filled to the brim with cookies, fruit and nut mix, caramel popcorn, peanut crunch and caramels.

And when it’s empty? It’s a classic and totally on-trend tote, perfect for carrying anything from gym clothes for a post-work workout, meeting must-haves, travel essentials or, really, anything. It’s a great bag, period. And it’s a great bag you’ll be tied to every day when your customer grabs it and goes.

Looking for the perfect gourmet keepsake? Get in touch to learn more and view our complete collection.

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