Promo Items Make Exciting Giveaways For Kids

Kids love to play with anything new. Hand over some cool promo items and watch the fun unfold. That’s what Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), a global network of young chief executives, did when it hosted an event for members’ families at the Museum of Natural History.

Ever seen those Ben Stiller flicks where he’s a night guard with free rein over the museum at night? Replace Stiller with a bunch of excited kids toting promotional products, and you’ll have an image of YPO’s event.

promo items

The museum closes. Night falls. The kids are alone (well, okay, their parents were there too) with millions of fossils and specimens.

What better promo items to have on hand for a sleepover at the museum than custom flashlights and promotional drawstring bags? It’s dark and kids need something to stash their sleepover stuff.

ePromos provided the custom products for the event, and our CEO, Jason Robbins, who’s an active member of YPO’s New York City chapter, says the products were perfect for sleepovers—whether kids are with T-Rex or a group of friends.

“We used the Dynamo flashlights, so kids had to crank them for them to work. They self-charge, so they’re very eco-friendly,” he says. “Every kid loves drawstring bags. They’re great for throwing clothes into at night.”

Promo know-how tip:

Promo items for kids don’t always have to be toys. Give them something useful—whether it’s for the classroom, at home or at play—and your logo will get repeated exposure.

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