Six Ideas For Giving Promotional Products

promotional products

The holidays have passed, but that doesn’t mean gift-giving season is over. People love getting promotional products any time of year and for any reason. Imagine your customers’ surprise and delight when you send them a gift smack in the middle of, say, January or May. They’re not expecting it, and it’ll blow them right out of the water.

Here are six ideas for giving your customers a promotional gift this year.


1. Your customers visited your trade show booth.

We’ve discussed the importance of great trade show giveaways, and it’s also a nice gesture to send your customers a follow-up gift after the show. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and it might be just the nudge they need to make a purchase.


2. You want to thank a customer for a referral.

A referral is the highest honor your customers can give you, so it’s a good idea to show them a little appreciation. They’ve gone out of their way to endorse you, so send them something amazing. A luxurious embroidered blanket or a sophisticated wine gift will wow them—and keep those referrals rolling in.


3. Your customers signed up on your site.

Whether they signed up for a newsletter, special offers or inside information, you can make your website stand out by sending customers a small token of thanks. They don’t have to be big-ticket items to be effective—go for cool notepads or funky pens.


4. It’s your customer’s birthday.

Everybody likes to feel like a VIP on their special day, so take the time to recognize your customer’s birthday each year. You’ll be remembered as a company that cares, and it’s all because you sent them a unique promotional product to celebrate their big day.


5. You haven’t heard from your customers in a while.

Everyone’s busy and it can be hard to nurture every business relationship. If some time has passed since your last customer contact, send a small promotional gift to remind them you’re there and ready to work with them. It’ll put your company name top of mind and refresh your customers on what you offer.


6. Just because.

Oftentimes, the best gifts are those given out of the blue and for no reason at all. By sending your customers a promotional product “just because,” you’re letting them know that you’re thinking of them. Try giving promotional mugs filled with candy or a custom journal and pen combo.


Promo know-how tip:

Packaging matters regardless of the timing or occasion for your gift, so make sure you present it attractively, whether in a custom gift box or bag. 

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