The Coolest MLB Promotional Items For 2013

custom baseballBaseball season is here! Bring on the peanuts, Cracker Jack and promotional items. We took a look at every MLB team’s promotional calendar and picked some of the coolest giveaways.

We found some interesting new giveaways and also some fun twists on ever-popular classics. We can see why fans will pack the ballparks to score this MLB swag—it’s cool stuff.

Here’s to baseball and the awesome freebies that will be handed out at the games.

Promotional flower seed packets: On April 18, Yankees fans will receive logo packets of flower seeds. Perhaps the growth and new life is a sign of the season ahead? We can hope.

Logo rain gauges: Minnesota Twins fans can track precipitation while showing love for their team—April 22 is rain gauge night.

Custom clocks: Teachers attending the New York Mets game on July 1 will score a custom apple clock for teacher appreciation. Apple giveaways in the Big Apple? We dig it.

Promotional plush bears: Kids hit the jackpot at the Texas Rangers game on July 7—the team is giving out Rangers Red Build-A-Bears, and it’s also $1 ice cream day. Sweet.

Custom gnomes: Just call him Sergio Gnome-O—San Francisco Giants fans will have the snazziest yard on the block after they score the Sergio Romo garden gnome at the May 5 game.

Custom puzzle cubes: Hey, if the April 20 Chicago White Sox game gets a little slow, fans can give the promotional puzzle cube a twist.

Promotional harmonicas: If you’re heading to the St. Louis Cardinals game today, get there early—it’s Stan Musial harmonica day!

Custom bobbleheads: Justin Verlander may not be cozied up with Kate Upton anymore, but at least he gets his own bobblehead. So will Detroit Tigers fans at the July 18 game.

Promotional hats: These aren’t your standard ball caps—these are beard hats, a first-ever (and dare we say must-have) giveaway from the Seattle Mariners. They’re part ski cap, part faux facial hair. We want.

Promotional beach towels: If there’s one giveaway that makes sense in Arizona in the summertime, it’s a custom beach towel. Diamondbacks fans can snag one at the July 13 game.


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