Wedding Ideas That Wow

Summer is a season for weddings, and June is the most popular month for tying the knot. More than two million couples wed in the U.S. every year, and nearly 11 percent do so in June.

If you’re planning a wedding, we have some wedding ideas that wow.  And we’re not just talking about wedding favors—we have everything from custom gifts for the wedding party to custom ideas for the honeymoon.

wedding ideas

For the rehearsal dinner: Custom wine charms
Custom wine charms dress up the table, and they’re a beautiful way to help guests differentiate their wine glasses. You can even add decorative beads to coordinate with your wedding colors.

For bridesmaids: Custom lip gloss
Custom lip gloss lets your bridesmaids keep their smiles picture-perfect. This custom lip gloss has a sweet berry flavor and a light pink tint that coordinates beautifully with any dress color.

For groomsmen: Custom money clip
This top-grain leather custom money clip is a classy way to show appreciation to groomsmen. It’s designed with a magnetic clip to secure loose bills and a pocket to hold credit cards.

At the reception: Woven custom coasters
Add these woven custom coasters to place settings for a lovely custom touch. Since they’re woven—not paper or cardboard— they’ll last long after the celebration.

For the toast: Stemless custom champagne glasses
The wedding toast is a time-honored tradition, and stemless custom champagne glasses are a way to do it in style. Bring them out on anniversaries to re-live the moment.

For favors: Custom buttermints
Custom buttermints are a soft, melty and sweet way to thank guests for attending your wedding.

For the honeymoon: Custom sunscreen
The most popular honeymoon destinations are Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Jamaica. What do all these hot spots have in common? Sunshine, and lots of it. That’s why custom sunscreen is a must for honeymooners.

Promo know-how tip: Adding names or a personalized message to your custom wedding products means they’ll become treasured keepsakes from your wedding day. Check out our Pinterest board for more custom wedding ideas.


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  1. Pia Kreisman

    The ideas are so cute and so thoughtful. It adds up to the perfect wedding that every bride is looking forward to. I love how each idea has a particular person, event or place to address since most of the time these little details also matter especially if the bride wants the wedding to be the talk of the town. Plus, the suggested ideas are not too expensive for the couple.