Why Promotional Products Are A Must In Employee Recognition Programs

Are you using promotional products to reward your company’s employees? You should be.

Companies with recognition programs in place have more engaged employees and a voluntary turnover that’s 31% less than companies that don’t say thanks, according to research from Bersin and Associates.

Show some love to the people who keep your business churning and your customers happy. And we’re not talking about giving them a prime parking space or a free afternoon off.

custom messenger bagThose are nice perks, but they’re intangible. They get used up and forgotten. Promotional products are lasting reminders of your gratitude.

Here are three reasons why promo products should be the foundation of your employee recognition programs.

1. They reinforce the company culture.

When employees receive company-branded products, it solidifies a certain aspect of the company culture. A customer service award, for example, fortifies a culture of doing what’s right. A sales award highlights a culture that rewards hard work. Don’t just recognize employees for their tenure—celebrate what they’re doing successfully.

2. They inspire achievement.

Promotional products are visual reminders of an employee’s success. Whether it’s a luxe leather bag or a sleek glass award, every time employees glance at a recognition item, it’s inspiration to keep moving forward.

3. They make a thank-you more meaningful.

A kind word is always welcome, but promotional products are powerful ways to recognize employees for their achievements. They show your employees that you value what they’re doing day-to-day. Your thank-you becomes tangible, public and lasting.

Nobody likes to slog away in their careers without a nod of appreciation. Give your team promotional products to recognize them for a job well done. It makes the recipient feel appreciated, and it’s just good business.

Promo know-how tip:

Provide promotional products for employees to use in peer-to-peer recognition—it doesn’t always have to flow from the top down. Our Brand Consultants can deliver some exciting options to kick-start your recognition programs.

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