15 Tips For Promoting Your Business

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When it comes to tips for promoting your business, we can share quite a few gems. For 15 years, we’ve been helping businesses get their messages out and create a buzz to keep business flowing.

Since we’re ringing in our 15th anniversary this month, we want to share 15 best tips to market your business.

1. Start with a great logo.

Hire someone who understands the mission and personality of your business to design a standout logo. It’s how people will recognize your business, so make it unforgettable. 

2. Give out free stuff.

People love it. Just make sure your promotional giveaways are useful or cool to your target audience. ePromos can help you build entire promotional campaigns with the coolest products out there.

3. Get writing.

If you haven’t already, start a company blog. It’s a way to provide useful information for your customers while promoting your business. We’re doing it. Right now.

4. Share your expertise.

If you’re a consultant or you’re in the service industry, share your knowledge by uploading presentations to SlideShare or hosting a webinar. It increases your visibility, and it’s helpful to your audience. Mention your business in the margins.

5. Fill a void.

Know what your customers need and know how your competitors are marketing to them. Aim to do something different to bridge that gap. 

6. Host an event.

Lay out the hors d’ oeuvres, cocktails and promotional products—an event is a great way to meet a lot of people in your community at once. Plus, it’s a fun excuse to have people visit your location.

7. Offer something for free.

There’s something innately appealing about getting something at no charge. Give out one (or 10) of your products, or give out an hour (or 10) of your services.

8. Hype your uniqueness.

Pinpoint something unusual or interesting about your business and publicize it. Write press releases. Share it on social media.

9. Speak up.

You have something valuable to share, so offer to be a speaker. Whether it’s at a local business group or an industry conference, you’ll get name recognition and publicity, and you’ll also meet new contacts.

10. Use your vehicle.

Drive time is a great time to promote your business. Consider wrapping your car or using promotional car magnets to spread the word when you’re on the road.

11. Ask for referrals.

At ePromos, we love referrals. We actively ask for them, and we reward them, too.

12. Ask for testimonials.

An instant way to boost your business’s credibility is showcasing client testimonials. Add them on your website or blog. 

13. Hold a contest.

Generate some buzz and have some fun by running a contest. Give away free stuff related to your business. We’re giving away free swag right now on our Facebook page. 

14. Give back.

Donate your products or services to a charitable event. It’s a decent thing to do, and it gets your name out in the world.

15. Always say thanks.

A simple thank-you can have a big impact for your business. Try sending hand-written thank-you notes with a small promotional gift enclosed inside.

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