15 Ways Promotional Items Work For Your Business

promotional productsIt’s not complicated to be a good marketer—you just need the right promotional items in your marketing mix. A tangible product branded with your company name and logo is the single most effective way to get your name out there.

Hand out dozens, hundreds, thousands or more of these promotional items, and you increase your brand exposure exponentially. Every business owner wants that.

Here are 15 ways your business benefits from promotional products:

 1.      Reach a wider market.

Give out a promo item, and it’s not just the recipient who sees your message—your audience widens to family members, friends, co-workers, passersby and anybody who happens to catch a glimpse of your gift.

 2.      Get your message seen.

TV ads get skipped. Magazine ads get shuffled past. Only promotional items provide a rich, tactile experience for your marketing message.

 3.      Improve response rates.

In a direct-mail program, bulky is best. Stuff a small, lightweight promotional item in your envelope to boost open rates.

 4.      Achieve long-term brand exposure.

If your promo giveaway is useful or appealing to recipients, they’ll keep it and use it, often daily. The promotional item gets repeated impressions.

 5.      Make your customers feel like VIPs.

Receiving a gift makes people feel special, and remember: Everyone loves a freebie. Promotional items show customers that their business is valued and appreciated.

 6.      Create a buzz.

Giving out free stuff is a powerful way to attract attention. This is especially true at tradeshows, when exhibitors are battling to get attendees to their booths.

 7.      Get your brand remembered.

Repetition is an effective strategy to remember something. By handing out promotional items, you’re giving your audience repeated exposure to your brand, helping them remember your company and what it’s about.

 8.      Grow your business.

If your sales are stagnating, your marketing isn’t working. Mix things up and drive new business with custom products.

 9.      Start conversations.

There’s nothing like a cool freebie to break the ice with potential customers and engage them in conversation. Plus, they’re more likely to listen because you just gave them a gift.

 10.  Boost morale.

Promotional items are incredibly effective at inspiring employees and helping them form a favorable view of your business. They’re also great motivators, encouraging the team to work harder and sell more.

 11.  Enhance your brand image.

Creating a positive brand image doesn’t happen overnight—you need to consistently shape your customers’ opinions over the years by delivering what they need and driving home your message with promotional items.

 12.  Get widespread advertising.

Yes, it’s necessary to market to your target audience, but with promotional products, you get brand exposure beyond your targeting boundaries. Promo items are extremely mobile, which means they can reach audiences to which you’ve never marketed.

 13.  Retain and attract customers.

Hand out well-chosen promotional items to keep current customers and attract new business. That promo pen or custom mug could mean the difference between customers choosing your business over a competing business.

 14.  Create happy customers.

Happy customers buy, and happy customers come back. Hand out promo items to make a situation right (a botched order or long wait times, for example), or simply give them a freebie to thank them for their business.

 15.  Build goodwill.

Associate your brand with charitable events or community events by handing out custom products. It highlights your company name and your positive involvement.

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