3 High-Margin Promos For Fruitful Fundraising

A big part of successful fundraising means extending your profit margins. You may be able to generate a ton of publicity, enlist an army of volunteers, and coordinate your events down to the last detail, but if you aren’t working with products that can deliver significant return on investment, the outcome won’t be very impressive.

The great thing about fundraising promos is that they deliver the high margins you’re looking for. Here are a few examples to show you the kind of returns we’re talking about:

    1. Custom Awareness Wristbands. Ever since the LiveStrong bracelet turned awareness wristbands into a bonafide fashion accessory, companies have been racing to incorporate them into all of their fundraising and awareness promotions. Popularity and visibility are driving factors behind their widespread use, but high profit margins really seal the deal. Some awareness bracelets cost as little as $0.33 each, and are re-sold for as much as $2.00 – quick and easy money, plus more exposure for your cause.
    2. Promotional Bottled Water. Bottled water is a great item to have on hand at fundraising and charity events. Starting at only $0.60 a bottle, we’ve all seen water sold for as much as $2.00 or $3.00 a pop. Plus, you’ll get even more for your money when you take advantage of a full-color custom label to raise awareness or get a message across to recipients. Make sure to provide recycling bins to keep your event eco-friendly.
    3. Tagless Cotton T-Shirt by Hanes®. Now we’re talking real margins! These comfortable cotton shirts come from a respected brand, and may sell for as much as $10 or $15 in retail stores. Your cost, with customization? As little as $3.99 each! Custom apparel might cost a little more up front, but it’s easy to quickly recoup your investment and then some. You have a lot of room for creativity when you use personalized shirts, so again, you’ll get more for your money if you put some thought into your imprint message.


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