3 Horrifying Things To Happen With Your Promo Giveaways

Nothing can stop a promotion dead in its tracks like promo giveaways gone wrong. They can turn a would-be killer campaign into a total flop. No marketer wants that. Check out three nightmare scenarios when it comes to promotional products, and learn how to avoid the horror with your next promotion:

promotional bag

1. Your products don’t show up on time.

It happens to the best of marketers. People are streaming into your event, eager to get your promo items. You’re just as eager to hand them out, but there’s one thing – your giveaways are MIA. It’s a sweat-inducing feeling when you’re not prepared and you have to send customers and fans away empty-handed.

The New York Yankees know the feeling. Last month, 18,000 fans received vouchers instead of Mariano Rivera bobblehead dolls when the truck transporting the promos was late arriving to the stadium. As you can imagine, mass mayhem erupted. It eventually worked out and fans got their bobbleheads, but not without a major scare for the team’s marketing department.

How to avoid the horror: Give yourself plenty of time, and start shopping for your promo giveaways early. When you’re in a time crunch, work with a promotional products company that offers reliable rush service. At ePromos, we offer more than 9,000 items that can be shipped in as little as one business day.

2. The imprint isn’t right.

It’s a scary sight when you open your box of promo giveaways and discover an imprint that’s all wrong. Maybe the logo is microscopic and nobody can read it. Or maybe it’s mega-sized and it looks ridiculous on the product. Or worse yet, nobody proofed the final product and there are glaring spelling errors. It’s horrific – and embarrassing.

Notre Dame experienced this nightmare when its custom stadium cups were printed with “Figthing Irish.” The misprint led to quite a few laughs on social media as people joked about it being a “fig-thing” in South Bend this season.

How to avoid the horror: Take the time to proof every last detail of your promo giveaways. Also, make sure you’re working with experts who know the ins and outs of imprinting on promotional products. With ePromos, you get an expert Brand Consultant, plus product samples, artwork cleanup and digital proofs – all for free.

3. You picked the wrong promo giveaways.

Don’t just take a stab in the dark with the products you select. It’s a wasted opportunity and a waste of marketing dollars when your promotional items aren’t a good fit. Perhaps they don’t go over well with your intended audience. Or maybe they just don’t make sense for your business. Either way, it reflects poorly on your brand.

How to avoid the horror: Always consider who’s going to be receiving the promo products. Then, choose items that reflect your brand. Luxury brands marketing to business travelers, for example, would be smart to give out sleek leather luggage tags instead of light-up yo-yo’s. When you work with ePromos, you get the personal attention of a Brand Consultant who’s dedicated to your project. He or she can share the lessons learned from tens of thousands of successful orders to make yours a stand-out as well.

Want to scare up a great marketing campaign? You can – when you avoid these frightful scenarios.

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