8 Facts To Know About Promotional Bags (Infographic)

Wherever you go, promotional bags are there. You get them with your takeout food at restaurants. You see them in grocery stores, gyms, schools. Heck, even funeral parlors use bags.

Bags are engrained in our lifestyles. When we have stuff to schlep, bags get it done.

For marketers, bags imprinted with your logo are perfect for getting your brand seen everywhere. Bags are like billboards – they attract a ton of eyeballs, and you can’t help but read the message.

But here’s where promotional bags beat billboards every time: They’re useful. People love receiving items that serve a purpose. If it’s something they can use, they’ll keep it. You zip past a billboard, but you keep (and use) bags.

When asked why they keep logo bags, 91% of people say because they’re useful. How the bag looks is also important. Thirty-four percent of people will keep a bag if it looks good.

Did these stats surprise you? Let’s explore the infographic below to glean even more insight about promotional bags. You can also click here for hundreds of bags just waiting to be customized for your brand.


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