A Brand Fit: Several Perfect Promos

I wanted to feature a few promos that were really perfect for the brand they represent. For starters, the French Laundry clothespin, which is clipped to your napkin when you get to the table, it says classic, countryside, and of course, laundry. While the food is really creative, it is as much about detail and technique, and very much not about flashiness or trendiness.

french-laundry-napkin clip

This Goodyear dart board is all about the tires, and one of the things they can hopefully do pretty darn well: withstand punctures. If I worked at Goodyear, I would incorporate tire material in everything I do, because it’s a distinctive thing: a texture, a smell, a look. The Michelin Man is cool, but what is he? The air inside the tire? It’s better to be the tire.

goodyear-dart board

Make Magazine is a magazine about making stuff, or in their words, it “brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life.” So, a multi-tool is probably the ideal promo for their brand. Branding it a “warranty voider” makes it perfect.

make-warranty voider

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