A Toast To Promotional Beverages

Last week, we brought you the inside scoop on promoting with custom candy. Now, we raise a glass to promotional beverages, a refreshing way to promote your business (and wash down all those sweets).

Imprinted drink mix packets make a splash in all kinds of varieties: lemonade, hot chocolate, gourmet coffee, iced tea and more. They put your brand in front of your audience, and they save people a trip to the breakroom or vending machine for a drink. The convenience is nice, and everybody likes saving a little coin.

There are lots of ways to hand out custom drink mixes, too.

  • Give out iced tea, lemonade or fruit punch packets with custom-label bottled water at conferences or events.
  • Tuck individual packets of coffee, tea or hot chocolate into custom mugs or tumblers for cozy customer gifts.
  • Place promotional beverages in your company’s reception area and kitchen for a cost-effective giveaway for clients and employees.
  • Add a message of appreciation to custom drink mix packets to thank staffers for a job well done.
  • Keep a stash of promotional beverages to give customers while they wait for your services. They sure make a wait at the auto shop a little easier to swallow.

Promotional beverages are fun, flavorful and budget-friendly. Just think: Your brand can come to the rescue with a steamy mug of hot chocolate on a blustery day or a tall, sweet glass of lemonade during the sizzling summer months.

Custom drink mixes are a refreshing addition to your marketing, and they fit any budget. Jake’s back with some gulp-worthy promo drinks:

Promo know-how tip:

Make your promotional beverages part of a combo gift by including them with a promotional snack or custom drinkware. Our Brand Consultants can offer some clever ideas. 

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