Accounting for Giveaways

While it isn’t something we usually focus on, promotional products can often be better than non-promotional gifts when it comes to accounting. There’s a handy resource at the QuickBooks Community where you can ask questions about how to handle your giveaway accounting and get answers from certified advisers. Here’s one great answer about how to account for promotional t-shirts being used as gifts to clients:

When you pay for the shirts, select Advertising/Promotional Expense for the account to charge. Then just give them away to whoever you want to promote your business. Be aware that Business Gifts are limited to $25 per person per year so be careful with this. (I’m concerned with the 14 shirts to one person issue here). If you’re client is giving them away to promote your business, then no problem. If they are for your employees, you could expense them as Uniforms also.

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