Advertising Surfaces

Soon, every available surface on the planet will be covered with some form of advertising. So far, the process has taken about 4.5 billion years, but it started accelerating rapidly after humans developed civilization. In this post, we explore some of the surfaces that have recently been advert-ized.

First, we have the garage door, which is transformed to make it look like there is an Audi inside. Previously, most garage doors were simply painted with no advertising content, often the same color as the rest of the house.

audi garage

Next, we have the baggage claim belt. This surface has been used as an advertising medium in the past, but to date we have not added advertising to every single one. This is a particularly valuable advertising space because travelers stare mindlessly at it for long stretches of time.

baggage-claim belt

Finally, we have the climbing wall. As you can see, this surface is ideal for advertising acne medication. Simply design a background that transforms the hand and foot holds into pimples. This not only serves a crucial advertising function, but it also makes rock climbing practice immeasurably more enjoyable.

Keep an eye on this space for our ongoing coverage of advertising being added to every possible surface on earth!

clearasil-climbing wall

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