Alzheimer’s New Zealand: Promotional USB Memory Drives

This has to be one of the most creative and hard-hitting uses of promotional USB drives I’ve seen. Alzheimer’s New Zealand used these items for a promotion designed to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s, a disease commonly characterized by severe memory loss. What better to way to drive the point home than with a memory stick that also doubles as an eraser?

Each drive is imprinted with the slogan “Alzheimer’s erasers your memories. Save them.” This simple yet strong message ties in perfectly with the dual-functionality of the item. The result is something that is much more than just a promotional giveaway. It’s a tool that really gets people to stop and think about the disease and inspires them to learn more.

The flip side of these customized USB drives features the organization’s logo and a web address where they can find more information about getting involved. It would’ve been nice if the group had loaded some information directly onto the drive before distributing them, but overall, I think this is an excellent promotion.

custom USB drive

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