Bear Market: After Hours Trading

Okay, so I’m going to wrap up our Bear Market series with a whole mess of Bear Stearns promos, most of which will be after the jump. Mighit as well start with this rather appropriate bear shaped stress ball.

bear stearns bear stress ball

Moving on we have a poster celebrating Ace’s Greenberg:bear stearns ace posterAn assortment of various promotional products:bear stearns assorted promoA handy charger that uses a AA battery to juice up a cell phone or other portable electronic device. Perfect if you’re on the phone all day saying “Buy, buy, buy! Sell, sell!”bear stearns battery chargeA classic bike bottle with the Bear Stearns logo in black and white:bear stearns bike bottleA Bear Stearns logo fleece jacket:bear stearns black fleeceA nice black custom imprinted notebook:bear stearns black notebookAnd a nice black promotional pen to go with it:bear stearns black pen

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