Big or Small?

When doing outdoor advertising, it often pays to think big. In this case, Bounty illustrates the superior absorbancy of their product by creating comically large “spills” in high-traffic urban areas. The tagline is: “Makes small work of BIG spills.” Their interest at first aroused by the much larger than life coffee cup, passersby then learn that Bounty paper towels can help you clean up messes easily…even those that involve copious amounts of liquid! bounty-big spills

By way of contrast, automobile manufacturer KIA has taken the familiar advertising vehicle of a plane trailing a banner and made it much smaller. In their version, remote controlled model planes trail miniature banners that say “Spend Less” and feature the KIA logo. The promotion was designed to show that KIA is spending less on their advertising because a tiny model plane costs less than an actual plane. The viewer is left to presume that these cost savings are passed on to the buyer in the form of lower prices on KIA automobiles.

RC-banner-planes KIA

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