Can Business Cards Be Creative? You Bet.

Business cards are an expected takeaway from companies in all industries, sectors and markets. When you give personalized business cards, they get filed away, passed around and referenced when customers or prospects need you.

While most business cards fit a standard mold, some have a creative zing that no doubt helps them stand out.

business card

Check out these business cards from Clark&Kent, a New York City ad agency that sets up shop in an actual phone booth. It’s declared as the world’s smallest ad agency, and its business cards are fashioned after its headquarters: pop-up phone booths.

ad agency

The quirky design of these business cards makes them the perfect storytelling tool. Clark&Kent can creatively tell who it is and what it does, creating instant brand recognition whenever its business cards get seen.

Promo know-how tip: Business cards make a visible statement about your brand, so do something creative to make yours different from the rest. If your business cards could use a revamp, try something creative such as magnet business cards or glow-in-the-dark business cards.

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