City Harvest Uses Promotional Products To Shed Light On Hunger

City Harvest is doing a brilliant job using promotional products to encourage New Yorkers to feed the city’s hungry. Custom paper bags and promotional wristbands make a simple request: help fill an empty stomach.

promotional bagsThe food rescue program put a creative spin on traditional paper grocery bags by designing them with a clear panel shaped like a stomach. It remains empty until someone fills it up with nourishing food. What a simple, powerful way to communicate a need.

When shoppers head to the produce aisle, they’re asked to help again – this time with wristbands imprinted with City Harvest’s website and the message: “Help fill an empty stomach in NY.”

The bands, which are shaped like stomachs, are wrapped around various veggies and can be worn as a bracelet to spread awareness.

promotional wristbandsCity Harvest, which helps feed more than one million New Yorkers facing hunger every year, provides the promotional products to grocery stores and supermarkets.

This campaign is spot-on. The organization seeks food, and it markets in places where food is sold, making it easy for people to take action on the spot.

Plus, the message couldn’t be any clearer. Literally. The clear, stomach-shaped window in the grocery bag is genius. And we love the double use of the promo rubber bands.

We applaud your mission and your marketing, City Harvest.

Promo know-how tip:

Try using custom-shaped promotional items to spread your message. They grab attention because they’re different and unique. Reach out to our Brand Consultants for some creative ideas. 


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