The Craze For Koozies

It keeps your drink cold and your hand warm. For beverage fanatics, the koozie is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Originally invented in 1980 to keep a canned beverage cold, it has become a fun and cost-effective marketing tool. The best promotional materials are ones that people will actually use. Considering that you are investing capital on these goods, you don’t want to invest in items that will make their way into the trash or a junk drawer, never to be seen again. Custom drink koozies are inexpensive and a popular item among sports fans, picnic goers, backyard barbecues, or just people lounging around the pool on the weekend.

The Importance Of Surface Space

Promotional Koozies for your Brand by ePromos

The beverage koozie is like a blank canvas, providing plenty of surface space for your business logo, or messaging you would look to convey to your target market. From logos to images to promotional advertising, this marketing product is useful and always cool. ePromos offers an easy ordering process and competitive pricing on both neoprene and foam options. Likewise, we also provide a myriad of koozie types and designs, including drink insulators for cans and bottles that will satisfy your beverage-temperature-maintaining vision.

Koozie Up For Your Next Event

Custom koozies are also a fantastic way to market an event. When planning an event, you want to maximize your profits while keeping your marketing costs at a minimum. There are always numerous unforeseen expenses when holding an event, and keeping your marketing budget low is important. Custom beverage insulators are an inexpensive choice and can be designed with the date of the event as well as all the information to promote the event as well. In addition, they also make for a memorable keepsake for guests that will be used for years to come.

Promotional giveaways are another popular way to brand your company. From conventions to tradeshows, free merchandise is an attention-grabbing and satisfying way to reach the consumer. Likewise, a koozie also has a long life span making them a great investment, sure to be used over and over again. More than anything, the current craze is helping companies market at a minimum cost, and offers consumers a useful marketing product. Whether trying to attract new business or sell an upcoming event, a custom koozie will do more for you than just keep your drink cold and your hands warm.

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