Creepy Promos

Okay, so this is creepy. It’s a voodoo doll with a tuft of human hair pinned to the heart and a tag that says “Hair loss can be fatal.” Definitely attention-grabbing, but also a gross way to promote hair care products.

hair loss voodoo doll

Bloody saran wrap to promote Dexter. It is a show about a blood splatter-analyzing serial killer, so it is to be expected.

dexter bloody saran wrap

Gorilla-viewing glasses are a little creepy, but pretty cool. Basically the gorillas at a zoo were getting upset because they don’t like being stared at, so the zoo made special glasses that make it look like you’re looking another direction and had people wear them when viewing the gorillas. File under inadvertently creepy.

gorilla viewing glasses

The Very Appropriate for the Business, Yet Also Creepy Award goes to: miniature casket full of dead termites. Just think, someone actually gave these away to people!

termite casket

This syringe to promote the horror flick Turistas is pretty creepy, but the kitty is cute:turistas syringeThis Geico caveman romantic candle set is kinda creepy in a different, Clan of the Cave Bear meets Body of Evidence type way.caveman candle setAnd Hoff soap? It just seems kind of unclean:hoff soap

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