Custom Calendars Get Your Business Year-Round Exposure

custom calendar

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a marketing tool that gives your company maximum visibility, day in and day out? And what if you only had to think about that marketing tool once a year? It would be like hitting the marketing jackpot—and you can do it with custom calendars.

Custom calendars keep your company name top of mind 365 days a year. When your customers receive a promotional calendar, studies show they look at it 1-10 times a day. This means multiple exposures to your brand—every day, all year long.

Plus, even in a digital age, your customers still want printed calendars. Sure, they may have smartphones, but research shows that 50% of them haven’t ever used the calendar function on their phones. Instead, they’re turning their attention to printed calendars.

Promotional calendars have long been one of the top five most commonly purchased business gifts for three main reasons:

  1. They’re practical. Your customers refer to custom calendars every day at home and at work. In fact, the average person keeps three calendars at home and two in the workplace. They’re useful and appreciated, no matter the style you select.
  2. They offer can’t-be-beat exposure. Custom calendars offer 365 of advertising. You simply don’t get this kind of exposure with other forms of advertising such as e-mails or newspaper ads. Plus, consider where your customers place their promotional calendar. It likely ends up in a high-traffic, easily seen location in a home or office, boosting the probability that your logo gets seen regularly every day.
  3. They’re affordable. Custom calendars can pack a punch even if you have a slim marketing budget. For example, many of our calendars are well under a buck a piece. When you consider that your company name and logo are visible 365 days a year, you end up paying pennies a day—or less—for high-impact exposure.

Want to know how to give your customers promotional calendars or uses for promotional calendars? We’ve got you covered.

Promo know-how tip: Be first! Typically, the first calendar on the desk or wall stays put all year, so get a calendar in your customers’ hands before everyone else does. Now’s the time to start your custom calendar shopping.

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