Custom Gift Cards: Home Depot Gift Card Toolbox

With the holiday season in full swing, I’ve had some readers e-mail me stressing about their gift-giving. One of the more common difficulties is finding the perfect corporate holiday gift for a large number of recipients who don’t necessarily share the same interests.

In this situation, there’s one gift I always like to recommend: promotional gift cards!

Custom gift cards are a nice option for businesses because A) they are inexpensive, and B) they appeal to a broad audience.

Remember this though – when sending gift cards, it’s important to go the extra mile to personalize and customize the package. After all, slipping a plastic card into a plain white envelope isn’t going to strike anyone as a personal gift, no matter how useful the card is!

Take a look at this example from Home Depot. What would ordinarily be a standard gift card is transformed thanks to this fun toolbox gift card holder. This simple addition adds a personalized spark that appeals directly to recipients and makes the whole gift more interesting and personal.

If you do choose to send custom gift cards to your contacts this year, spend some time thinking about your presentation. Packaging the gift card in a unique way – even if it’s tucked inside of a hand-written or personalized holiday card – can really enhance the look and feel of your gift package.

If you’re looking for some ideas and advice in this regard, contact your Promotions Specialist at ePromos. They’re standing by and ready to help with creative ways to improve your next custom holiday gift campaign!

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