Custom Stickers Become Business Cards For Skate Shop

Business cards may be expected, but they don’t have to be standard or unexciting. It’s the creative business cards that stand out, which is why we love these custom stickers that double as business cards.

Bronx Rap Street, a Brazil-based skate shop that offers gear and apparel for the sport, put an inventive (and useful) spin on its business cards by using promotional stickers instead.

custom business card sticker

The shop understood how skaters often tear parts of their shoes and need something to patch them up.

The solution? Custom stickers. They serve the same function as business cards, keeping the shop’s logo, phone number and website visible, but they’re also functional while skating.

promotional business card sticker

Recipients just peel off the back, use it to patch up their damaged shoe and get back to the half-pipe. Talk about knowing your target market. Promotional stickers are a clever alternative to the traditional business card, making it a promo that really gets noticed.

Promo know-how tip:

Want to get edgy with your business cards? Great—but make sure it relates to your business. You don’t want someone to look at your card and wonder what exactly you do. 

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