Custom Umbrella: SummerVille Resort

As we slowly transition from winter to spring, it won’t be long until your umbrella becomes a constant companion!

As Brazil’s SummerVille Resort expertly demonstrates with their latest campaign, it’s a great idea to tie your promotional products in with seasonal trends and weather. That means with rainy days and spring showers on the horizon, now is a great time to stock up on promotional umbrellas.

SummerVille Resort took the idea of using custom umbrellas one step further than most companies normally do. Instead of just imprinting their company name and some contact information, they transformed the inside of the umbrella to look like a gorgeous blue sky. Now, when people are grumbling about spring rainstorms, SummerVille can promote themselves at the perfect time.

logo umbrella

Wouldn’t you rather be looking at the clear blue sky in Brazil instead of dark grey storm clouds? It’s a tempting offer and a great visual promo.

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  1. How much do these cost if we buy 200 of them? how about if we buy 100 of them?