Do You Have Back-Up Promotional Products?

Customers love a great gift with purchase, but what happens when the gifts are gone? Rather than send customers away empty-handed, you should have back-up promotional products on hand. These “plan B” promo items will make your company look smart and thoughtful—and they’ll make your customers happy, which is always a good thing.

custom iPhone cover

Victoria’s Secret understands the value in having back-up promotional giveaways. The company stocked up on custom iPhone covers to hand out when its bigger gifts were gone.

Sheila Johnshoy, our VP of Marketing, received the alternate promo item when she dropped in to redeem an offer for a free cosmetic bag of goodies (worth $85). While she missed out on some make-up brushes and a cute bag, she did score a free logo iPhone case.

custom phone cover

“The salesperson noticed I had an iPhone 5 and asked if I’d like the iPhone cover since they were out of the bags,” she says. “It was really impressive to see that Victoria’s Secret had a back-up plan in place.”

The salesperson could have shrugged and said, “Sorry. The bags are gone.” Instead, she stepped in with an alternate promotional product. Victoria’s Secret was smart to plan ahead and have a plan B for its giveaways.

Free stuff makes every shopping experience a little better, and Victoria’s Secret is doing it exactly right.

Promo know-how tip:

Go big with your first promotional giveaways to get customers excited. It’s okay to spend less on your second round of promo items. Your customers will be impressed that you thought ahead to have back-up items ready.

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