ePromos Provides Custom Bags For Matisyahu

All musicians need promo items to promote their bands and their brand, and we were fortunate to be chosen to produce custom bags for international hip-hop reggae sensation, Matisyahu.

promotional bag

Our CEO, Jason Robbins, is a huge Matisyahu fan (he’s been known to rock a Matisyahu custom t-shirt or two), so he was psyched when he saw a sample of the bag we did lying around the office.

ePromos produced this personalized drawstring bag in black that would be used to help the singer promote his album, Spark Seeker.

Matisyahu has also used promotional t-shirts to raise money for the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which tonight’s big “12-12-12” concert at Madison Square Garden will benefit. For $19.95, donors can get an iTunes download of his new song, “Happy Hanukkah,” and a Happy Hanukkah t-shirt.

Being headquartered in New York, ePromos appreciates Matisyahu’s charity work to help our region. Want to get the song and make a donation? Here’s where to download Matisyahu’s track and donate.


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