Five New Year’s Resolutions To Maximize Your Marketing In 2013

new year's resolutions for your marketing

The New Year is a time to kick things off with renewed vigor and a fresh sense of purpose. And that’s not just at the gym—that’s also your marketing.

Have you thought about what you want your business to accomplish in 2013? What are your big-picture goals? What do you want to change? What’s truly important as you start a new year?

As a marketer, it’s helpful to take a moment and thoughtfully consider some New Year’s resolutions to make your marketing the best in can be in 2013 and beyond. But don’t just jot them down and forget about them—hold yourself accountable with weekly or monthly check-ins.

We have some New Year’s resolutions to kick off your marketing with gusto. Put these into play, and you’ll be amazed at what your business looks like in a year.

 1.      Use promotional products.

Yes, okay, we might be biased because we love promo items, but so do your customers. Studies show that 83% of people like receiving promotional products with an advertising message, and 48% want them more often. It’s like they’re asking you to market to them. If you want maximum results from your marketing, you can’t beat promotional products branded with your company name and logo.

 2.      Show your success.

Whatever the nature of your business, make it easy for customers and prospects to see that you’re good at what you do. Consider creating a portfolio of your work (and, no, they’re not just for creative types). Provide visuals of projects or products, and show the results. Self-promotion is always good marketing.

 3.      Be purposeful.

There’s more to marketing than driving traffic. Have a strategy in mind and make every move measurable and consistent. You want to be able to report on conversions so you can see what marketing efforts are working and which are falling flat.

 4.      Get involved.

Do you generally shy away from networking events, conferences or meet-ups? Make it a marketing resolution to participate more in 2013. It gets your name out there (for free or little cost!) and you never know what you might learn when you collaborate with others in your industry.

 5.      Act on your ideas.

There’s plenty of room to be creative in marketing, but don’t just talk about it—actually do it. Distribute some outstanding promo items, develop a customer loyalty program, revamp your client retention strategies. If you want to maximize your marketing, you must get in the habit of implementing your ideas. Maybe not all of them, but the ones that are measurable and can bring your business the most success.

Promo know-how tip:

Add a line item to your marketing budget for promotional products. They’re the only marketing item that sticks around, getting your company long-lasting exposure. 

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