Five Ways To Use Promotional Pens

It’s easy to rattle off the reasons to use promotional pens in your marketing: They’re affordable, useful, effective, easily transported, and adaptable to any campaign. And that’s just a start.

Custom pens can promote any message and raise awareness for any organization, product or service. They’re like slim marketing ninjas. They’re swift and powerful at promoting your message, and they shatter through all the marketing noise out there.

If you want to get your message into the hands of new customers, you can’t go wrong with promotional pens. Here are five creative ways to use them:

1. Leave-behinds.

When you sign a credit card receipt at a business or restaurant, leave your logo pen to be re-used by employees or the wait staff. The same thing goes at the doctor’s or dentist’s office: Leave your pen after signing in.

2. Tokens of appreciation.

Hand out custom pens to your staff and suppliers. They’ll appreciate the freebie, and they’ll likely use the pens outside the office, too.

3. Donations.

Head to your local schools, churches, libraries and community centers with a few boxes of promo pens. These places often have small budgets but big needs for supplies.

4. Direct-mail.

Enclose custom pens in your business mail—not just promotional mailings. They make a nice surprise for the people processing your electrical payment.

5. Extras in gift baskets.

Logo pens are easy to include in gift packages for clients, whether you’re giving them promo tumblers or elaborate gift baskets. It’s just one more way to get your message in front of them and show them how much their business matters to you.

Now that you have some ideas for handing out your promo pens, check out these brand-name pens you can customize with your logo.

Promo know-how tip:

Use bright, vivid colors to make your pens immediately noticeable. Here are some other tips to get your promotional pens spotted.

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