Four Tips To Get Your Promotional Pens Noticed

promotional pensAre you using promotional pens in your marketing? You should be. Seventy-six percent of people consider pens an important, very important or extremely important part of their daily personal activities, according to a recent independent study.

Plus, when you give your customers logo pens, they use them—and often. Thirty-nine percent of people use promo pens 10 times a day and 21% use pens five times a day.

Want to put pens in your customers’ hands? We have four tips to make your promotional pens stand out.

1. Make them doubly useful.

Custom pens aren’t just pens—they can also double as a highlighter, post-it dispenser or stylus. The more versatile your pen, the more likely your customers are to reach for it. It just makes life simpler when a pen serves multiple purposes.


2. Go for quality.

You don’t have to spend big bucks, but you should always give your customers a pen that writes easily and smoothly. Nobody likes to scratch at a piece of paper to get the ink to appear. Give them a great writing experience and they’ll keep your custom pen around.


3. Be bold and bright.

Neons and vibrant hues aren’t suitable for every business, but for most, color is just the thing to get your logo pens to stand out. When everyone else is handing out pens that are black, blue or white, your bright custom pen immediately pops on the desktop or in a drawer.


4. Do something different.

If you typically use straight-sided stick pens (which are well and good!), try using curvy custom pens for a change. They’re just more fun to grab, and plus, a shapely barrel gives a little extra oomph to your logo while providing an ergonomic writing experience for your customers.


Promo know-how tip:

From ink types to imprinting options, you can get your custom pens exactly how you want them from ePromos. Keep reading for four things to know when selecting promotional pens

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  1. custombetty57

    As a business owner I want to show appreciation to my customers by giving them something
    for the holidays.

  2. Gareth Parkin

    Great advice – if you are a business owner and intending on investing in some promotional pens, then make that investment worthwhile – bear in mind your potential recipients will probably have a draw full of pens, give them a reason to pick YOUR pen featuring your branding rather than someone elses. It could be bright colours as you say, multi-functionality, or a modern design but it has to stand out. I was in the last couple of days at a major international promotional merchandise conference and when talking to suppliers it was very interesting to note that many were saying over the last couple of years businesses and organisations had gone down the cheap and cheeful route, however they feel this is changing! Handing out cheap goods that do not last long what does that really say about your brand and how you want it to be perceived? Many are now looking to invest maybe in less quantity but certainly more quality. So when looking at distributing imprinted pens it might be worth just looking at some of the brand name pens that are on the market rather than just opting for the cheapest budget ones – this will certainly help your marketing efforts to stand out and help to reflect your organisation in the perfect light with your potential clients.