Four Ways To Thank Your Customers Using Promo Products

customer appreciation

A little appreciation goes a long way—especially when it comes to keeping your customers happy and loyal. Promotional products are perfect for nurturing relationships with your customers and letting them know you value their business.

Research shows that businesses spend approximately 80% of their marketing budget on attracting new customers when they should be investing in current customers. Consider these stats:

  • Referrals among repeat customers are 107% greater than non-customers.
  • It costs six times more to sell something to prospects than to current customers.
  • Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers.

It pays to show some love to your current customer base. Here are four ways to do so using promotional products.

  1. Give a personalized gift. Customize a promotional product with your customer’s name in addition to your company logo. It’s a wonderful way to put a personal touch on a promotional gift, and plus, everybody loves seeing their own name.
  2. Host a VIP event. Create an exclusive, invitation-only event for your loyal customers, and then send them home with a custom product to remember the event. Consider an evening cocktail party or even an early-morning in-store sale. It’ll help your customers feel connected to your company.
  3. Create a rewards program. Everyone loves free stuff, so reward your customers with promotional products when they purchase a certain number of products or when they’ve frequented your business a certain number of times. It’s a great way to boost sales, and it shows your customers that you genuinely want them to return.
  4. Request customer feedback. Your customers’ opinions are valuable, so ask them what they’d like to see from your company. Then follow up with a promotional product as a thank-you for speaking up. This shows that you’re committed to running a business that your customers can support long-term.

Promo know-how tip: Use promotional products to sincerely thank your customers. Don’t rush in with a logo gift when a contract renewal is up—it seems insincere, and your customers will pick up on it.

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