Free Marketing Advice: Listen to Your Fans

There’s a saying that if one person asks a question, many others are thinking it. I think the modern equivalent is, if one of your customers is blogging about it, many others are thinking it. For example, here’s what some bloggers are saying about video game promos:

– I do appreciate some of the nicer, more subdued pieces of gaming schwag.

– One such developer is Bungie, a company that is currently in the process of auctioning off tons of their gear for the American Red Cross to help support recent hurricane victims.

– Bungie has been at the forefront when it comes to developers selling their wares directly to customers…creating a virtual storefront and selling t-shirts, posters, and various other gear direct to fans.

– I would love to see a greater number of video game art pieces…or attractive developer specific t-shirts, especially for those that are committed to maintaining quality and integrity in the industry.

– You could always send out little charms related to the game in question. Mushroom pencil toppers for the newest Mario game would be classic. So would a back scratcher shaped like Sly Cooper痴 hook. If Microsoft and Bungie worked with Lego to make an official Master Chief minifigure, I think the entire geek population of North America would happily explode.

Companies pay good money to find out how to reach their target audience effectively. Taking the time to scan blogs for free feedback from your biggest fans and evangelists seems like a no-brainer to me.

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