Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair loss affects millions of people, so it’s no surprise to find advertisements like these popping up all over the place. What I like about these two promotions in particular is their use of movement to get the message across.

This first promotion is a fun example of the many ways elevator doors are being used as ad space. The closed door shows a man with a full head of hair. As the door opens, we see the poor guy is now bald as a baby and the message becomes obvious.

hair-loss elevator

This second promotion is even more creative. Memo cubes and sticky pads are regularly used as promotional products, but how often does the actual act of tearing pages off send the message? As you use more and more sticky notes you’re reminded that hair loss is underway and inevitable! This promo does a great job of motivating people to do something about their hair loss before it’s too late.

hair-loss-memo pad

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