Hale and Hearty Sales: Making Money with Promos

I can pretty much guarantee that Hale and Hearty Soups is a profitable company, so I can also be pretty sure that imprinting their utensils, bags and crackers also makes money for them. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t do it. One example is the napkin/spoon packet custom imprinted with the word spoon. If you work in Midtown Manhattan, you have surely skipped a lunch spot you were planning to go to because there was a long line. Having the silverware both pre-packaged and clearly labeled shaves a couple seconds of time in the checkout line, which makes the line a couple people shorter, which means more sales during peak times. Another example is the branded oyster crackers. I bet there are at least ten people in my office right now who have a package of these in, on or near their desk. I bet these people are more likely to get soup than people without crackers or with non-branded crackers. It’s not rocket science, but these things clearly work, and the proof is that successful businesses – ones that have the resources to evaluate their marketing and operational decisions – continue to use them. hale-hearty-soup promos

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