How Personalized Lip Balm Lets Nivea Engage Fans

Pucker up: Nivea is rocking the lip-care world with personalized lip balm. The company partnered with fashion designer Charlotte Ronson to launch the first-annual “Kiss of Style” contest. At the heart of the contest? Personalized lip balm.

custom lip balm

Fans head to Nivea’s Facebook page to customize a “Kiss of Moisture” lip-care tube, choosing from a number of stylish themes including “Glamorous” and “Nature.”

Once all the submissions are in (the design challenge closes August 22), Ronson and a panel of judges will select the top 10 finalists. The public votes on a winning design, and the best-looking personalized lip balm will hit store shelves in 2013.

What a great way to engage fans. We love how Nivea is using personalized lip balm to let beauty aficionados, fashionistas, aspiring designers and just plain-jane fans get hands on with their lip balm. It’s a chance for Nivea to spunk up its brand and forge a community of soft-lipped, style-savvy fans.

Promo know-how tip: Let your customers weigh in on anything from a revamped logo design to a new product offering, and then reward their participation with a promotional item. When they get to vote, pick a favorite or voice their opinion in some way, it does wonders for solidifying the relationship.

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