How to Use Promotional Products in Direct Mail Without Sending the Product

I got this direct mail piece from OnRequest Images, which uses a promotional product to get qualified buyers to fill out and return a survey about their needs. It’s a great idea because the value of the item gets users to open the marketing piece, but they only have to send the usb mini-hubs to the folks who respond, reducing their cost (or expanding their reach, depending on how you see it). Here’s the recipe:

1 vellum envelope so they can see the picture of the gift before they open the envelope
2 well-designed print creative pieces, divided
1 call to action
1 promotional product that the target audience will want (reserve entire portion until after the first mailing)

Mix envelope, one creative piece and call to action, then mail. Upon receiving responses, add second creative piece and promotional product, then mail, calling periodically until sales are closed.

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