I Love the Smell of Promotion in the Morning: Cat Poo Pillow

You know what? We can’t all sell flowers and gumdrops and fine art prints. There are plenty of companies out there selling things that are less glamorous, less aesthetically pleasing and less not poo-related, but enrich our lives nonetheless. For example, there are companies that make special crystals that make cat poo not smell so bad. These companies need promotion, too. In promotion, I think it’s best to embrace what you do, and Catsan did just that. With a good sense of humor to boot. According to Commerical Archive, Catsan Crystals weren’t one of the featured products at an Australian pet care trade conference, so they used these custom pillowcases to get some attention for their odor-stopping product. And that’s just classic promotion: finding a clever way to get your target audience to think about the key benefits of your product.

cat-poo pillows

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