JetBlue Has the Right Idea…Do You?

Hey, not everyone痴 business is one of the fastest growing airlines with mega bucks to brand themselves, but we can all take a lesson from this brilliant company. First of all, how cool are these guys with their TVs? Everyone loves TVs. I recently flew JetBlue to Las Vegas for the Promotional Products Association International Annual Expo show where we get to meet all of our suppliers and see new promotional items to offer to our customers. I was so excited to go on this trip, not for all that Vegas has to offer, but for the 5 hours of uninterrupted TV.

Pop on the noise cancellation headset and off we go: food network, reruns of 24, CNBC. The pure joy of free form channel surfing, which has long been banned by my wife. Before the TV starts, while still on the Tarmac (Tarmac is to concrete what Kleenex is to tissues), I was offered more JetBlue branding in the form of static video postcard ads. My favorite is “We like you too!”�as if they could read my mind! And the brilliant “If it wasn’t for you we’d just be flying a bunch of TVs around the country!”

These guys know how to build a brand and surround you with it. JetBlue is an experience; from look of the terminal to the free online internet access to the way they board the plane and greet you. Incredibly, they致e made the airport a Disneyland of sorts, complete with a souvenir shop. Even the TVs and the snacks (“Blue” Terra potato chips of course). As the PGA says, “These guys are good.”


How good you ask? Well, let’s just say they get you to clean their plane for them and then buy a JetBlue souvenir. From golf balls to baby onesies to logo keychains and mugs, to classic toy airplane — this stuff sells.

So enough about JetBlue and onto what really matters — you and your business. JetBlue surrounds you with their brand and creates a whole experience. Do you do that in your selling process, before, during and after your sales? Could you create a work environment that is an experience? If you ever experienced JetBlue, I think you know the obvious answer is yes.

Now to ePromos’ business. We love helping companies brand themselves. We池e teary-eyed each time we help a small business, become just a little bit more of a brand. Each time they get a little taste of seeing their own brand name in a professional light. It starts with some embroidered baseball caps, or fleece jackets for employees, then customers start asking for it and with each wearing, with each impression, the brand builds value. Big company痴 who get the value of their brand, like JetBlue does, save with online company stores. They buy in bulk, can distribute I as little as one day, provide a easy way for employees to access the goods and the brand image is consistent as every piece of merchandise is approved. Small or big, we壇 love to help you start tapping into the power of building a brand. It痴 there for the taking.

Nice work JetBlue!

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