Lee: “Never Wasted” Promotional Shopping Bag

eco friendly shopping bagMost of the eco-friendly shopping bags I’ve seen are recycled, recyclable, or made with sustainable materials. But I haven’t seen any that can actually be upcycled into something completely different – until today!

This insanely creative custom shopping bag was made by Lee, the popular apparel company. Instead of settling for a standard eco-friendly shopping bag (though there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!), Lee created a recycled paper bag that can be transformed into a variety of different items including a board game, desk organizer, CD sleeve, pencil holder, calendar, bookmark, wallet, and more!

The best part about this bag is the incredible potential for customer engagement it brings. First of all, these eco-friendly promotional products really show customers that Lee is committed to its eco-friendly initiatives. Secondly, it turns something that people would normally throw away into a long-lasting branding tool that keeps the Lee brand fresh in consumer’s minds. Just think about the exposure Lee gets if someone decides to keep the pencil holder on their desk for a year! This promotion is essentially a convenient shopping bag and some great promotional products combined in one awesome package.

Here are all of the things you can transform the bag into:

promotional shopping bag

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