Logo Apparel: Just in Case You’re on the News

A friend of mine runs his family’s soap-making business, and when I was visiting this spring, he was involved in a bizarre court case involving his soaps (a cult-favorite and the only soap I use personally, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap). To make a long story short, a punk rock drummer was arrested for drug possession when his bottle of soap tested positive for the drug GHB. The field test for this drug was actually to blame, and all natural soaps test positive for GHB using this test. At any rate, we spent one day of my visit at court, with the media, and testing the faulty field test (below), and this footage ended up being used for a short video on the Dr. Bronner’s website. That day, my friend had the foresight to wear his Dr. Bronner’s embroidered polo shirt, which was a great way to instantly make a couple key points: a) he represented the company and b) the company was a legitimate enterprise with it’s own corporate apparel. Now I need to get Dave to send me one of those polo shirts.

dr-bronners shirt

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