LOGOclash! Don’t Let It Happen to You.

logo clash
LOGOclash! is the jarring dissonance created by wearing multiple logos in the same outfit. It’s one of the most serious fashion issues facing us today. Below is an introduction to LOGOclash! and information on how you can avoid it.

I ran into my double Babolat wearing friend in the elevator and we started talking about the fact that he gets a lot of compliments when he wears the t-shirt-sweatshirt combo together. We also got to talking about how LOGOclash! is a serious problem sometimes. Just then, a guy carrying two tennis raquets walks by wearing a Fila warm-up top and Puma pants. Let me tell you, the combination was not aesthetically harmonious.

As a company that sells logo apparel, I feel we have a moral obligation to educate people about the dangers of LOGOclash! and how they can avoid this problem. For starters, if you are purchasing apparel with your logo, try to purchase a set of items that can be worn together, like a hat, t-shirt and fleece combination. This will increase the likelihood that recipients will wear these items together, rather than with other apparel items that may have logos that create LOGOclash! Secondly, make sure your logo is printed or embroidered consistently across all apparel items. One of the worst forms of LOGOclash! occurs when a single company logo is rendered inconsistently on different pieces of clothing.

Together, we can help fight LOGOclash!

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